Nagios Plugins Mailing Lists Moved To New Server

As part of our efforts to improve the Nagios Plugins project, we’ve moved from using the old SourceForge mailing lists for the Nagios Plugins project to a new dedicated list server.  The new mailing list server runs Mailman (which is what the old SourceForge lists ran), so you should find it familiar.  If you were a subscriber to one of the old Nagios Plugins mailing lists, you should have been automatically subscribed to the appropriate new list(s).

The main email list addresses for the Nagios plugins projects are now as follows:

We weren’t able to migrate list membership preferences from SourceForge, so if you prefer a digest subscription or other options, you’ll have to manage your subscription by visiting:

The Nagios Plugins team, as well as the support staff at Nagios Enterprises will be helping to provide support for anyone who has problems or questions related to compiling, installing, or using the plugins