Software Repositories

The Nagios Plugins Development Team takes care of three projects:

  • Nagios Plugins — the core bundle of standard plugins.
  • Nagios::Monitoring::Plugin — a module used by plugins written in Perl.
  • NagiosMIB — SNMP MIB files for traps sent from Nagios.

These projects are maintained in separate repositories on GitHub:

Contributions are always welcome! If you’d like to provide patches, please fork the desired repository and submit a pull request.

Plugin Development Guidelines

Are you interested in developing new Nagios plugins? If so, the Nagios Plugin Development Guidelines is a must read. The guide covers how plugins must return data to Nagios, as well as general guidelines for development and best practices.

Test Suite

The Nagios Plugins bundle comes with an extensive test suite. Some of the tests require libtap, a copy of which is shipped with the Nagios Plugins source tarball. In order to execute all tests, issue the following commands: