Monthly Archives: June 2023

Nagios Plugins 2.4.5 Released

The Nagios Plugins team is proud to announce that nagios-plugins 2.4.5 has been released and is available for download.


  • check_dns: Fix buffer overflow on Ubuntu 22.04 (#699)
  • check_sensors: Use grep instead of deprecated egrep (#697)
  • check_tcp: Add –sni as an alias to -N (#701)
  • check_by_ssh: Prevent users from using ProxyCommand/LocalCommand/PermitLocalCommand (compile using ./configure –with-unrestricted-ssh-options=yes to re-enable)
  • build: fix bug when using VPATH builds (#700)

Download Nagios-Plugins 2.4.5 here.

Thanks to all who have contributed toward this release. If you need assistance installing or using the plugins, please visit our general support forum. Bug reports, feature requests, and additional comments are welcome and may be posted on our GitHub repo.