Questions for the Community

I am excited to be the new lead for the nagios-plugins project and look forward to working with the community and other plugin developers to better the project.  Even though we have started to fix some low hanging issues, we have larger plans for the project overall.  Once we finish setting up the automated build and testing servers, the team will open the project up for new plugin submissions.  I have a few questions for the community below, which you can respond to through the mailing lists (Nagiosplugin-commits, Nagiosplugin-devel, Nagiosplugin-help), forum, or directly in the comments below.

1. What distributions (if any) have had problems with building in the past and should be targeted for the automated tests?

2. Are there any plugins that you wish were included in the official nagios-plugins package? (We will be perusing the exchange for popular abandoned gpl perl/c plugins, but user input and submissions are always appreciated)

-Andy Brist

2 thoughts on “Questions for the Community

  1. Suresh

    the database health plugins need definively be part of plugins. check_oracle_health check_mssql_health …
    We can only monitor big it landscape with these plugins.


    1. Andy Brist Post author

      Thanks for the suggestion. Those database health plugins are maintained by Consol* labs and they tend to support the plugins very well. I will look into what it would take to pull them into the package. You are correct that those plugins are used by a very large number of people. Thanks again.

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