Nagios Plugins 1.5 Released

The Nagios Plugins Development Team is proud to announce version 1.5 of the Nagios Plugins! This release comes with the new check_dbi plugin written by Sebastian Harl, and includes lots of enhancements and fixes provided by more than forty contributors. Many thanks to all of you!

Special kudos go to Sven Nierlein for fixing numerous bugs, reviewing many pull requests, bringing our test suite back into shape, and setting up automated tests on a variety of platforms. This helped us spotting lots of bugs before the release. Let me also thank Ton Voon for doing the unenviable work of updating the bundled Perl modules; and our newest team member Jan Wagner for all his help with patch review.

See below for a list of major changes. Note that the new check_http version introduces two minor backwards incompatibilities mentioned at the end of that list, so please be sure to check whether they might affect you.

You can get the tarball from our download page.


  • New check_dbi plugin for checking an (SQL) database using DBI
  • Let OpenSSL load its configuration file (see the OPENSSL_config(3) man page)
  • Add performance data to check_apt
  • Add performance data to check_procs
  • Added -4/-6 options to check_dig
  • New check_oracle --connect option to perform real login
  • New check_nagios -t option to override the default timeout
  • New check_disk -f/--freespace-ignore-reserved option to ignore space reserved for root
  • New check_disk -N/--include-type option to limit the filesystem types to check
  • Allow for building the plugins in parallel
  • Add --without-{dbi,ldap,radius} options to ./configure
  • Made Verbose output of check_sensors compliant
  • New switch -E/--extended-perfdata for check_http to print additional performance data
  • New check_http -d option to specify a string to expect within the response headers
  • New check_http -J/-K options for client certificate authentication support
  • Add support for executing queries to check_pgsql
  • Let check_pgsql accept a UNIX socket directory as hostname
  • New check_pgsql -o option to specify additional connection parameters
  • New check_fping -S option to specify the source IP address
  • New check_fping -I option to specify the interface to bind to
  • Let check_fping support IPv6
  • New check_procs -k option to ignore kernel threads (on Linux)
  • Let check_procs use /proc/<PID>/exe (if available) instead of getpid(2), unless -T is specified
  • Let check_mysql support SSL
  • Let check_mysql add perfromance metrics for all checks
  • New check_mysql -f option to specify a client options file
  • New check_mysql -g option to specify a client options group
  • New check_snmp --offset option to allow for adding/substracting an offset value to sensor data
  • Let check_snmp support an arbitrary number of OIDs
  • Let check_ide_smart support NetBSD


  • Change the MAIL FROM command generated by check_smtp to be RFC compliant
  • Fix compilation of check_http without SSL support
  • Fix check_snmp reversed threshold ranges (backward-compatibility)
  • Fix check_snmp memory violation when using more than 8 OIDs
  • Fix check_apt security regular expression
  • Fix check_http handling extra header (-k) containing semicolons
  • Fix check_apt handling unknown exit codes from apt-get
  • Fix deprecated imports of


  • check_http behaviour of -k/--header changed since it does not separate multiple headers by semicolons anymore. Use multiple -k switches instead.
  • check_http‘s --proxy_authorization option is now called --proxy-authorization (it was always documented this way)
  • The contrib directory has been removed. These days, sites such as Nagios Exchange serve as much better places for publishing plugins not maintained by the Nagios Plugins Development Team.