Nagios Plugins 2.1.3 Released

The Nagios Plugins Development Team is proud to announce that nagios-plugins 2.1.3 has been released and is available for download.

– SNI support in check_tcp (ddbilik)
– add support for -k for kerberos authentication
– check_file_age.c: allow wildcard matching

– check_tcp.c: tools/build_perl_modules hardcodes the perl used
– check_game.c: reports ping as number of players (Jason Rivers)
– fix some gcc5 warnings (Mario Trangoni)
– check_cluster.c: Update wording in comments (Troy Lea)
– check_nagios.c: could not locate a running nagios process
– check_swap.c: does not accept threshold of zero
– check_swap.c: uses inconsistent checks on negative thresholds
– check_snmp.c: –offset does not appear to do anything (Troy Lea)
– sslutils.c: output has first line of “SSL Version: xxxxxx”
–   effects anything using sslutils including check_http, check_dhcp
– utils_cmd.c: when using ssh (or check-by-ssh) with ControlMaster/ControlPersist,
nagios times out the first time and one gets zombie processes (Gordon Messmer)


Download Nagios-Plugins 2.1.3 here.

Thanks to all who have contributed toward this release. If you need assistance installing or using the plugins, please visit our general support forum. Bug reports, feature requests, and additional comments are welcome and may be posted to our plugin development forum.