Nagios Plugins Downloads

Stable Release

The current stable Nagios Plugins release is 2.3.3. You can grab the source tarball from here:

See the release history for an overview of changes between earlier versions. Old releases can be found in the download area.


The Nagios::Plugin module is available from CPAN:


The current NagiosMIB tarball is available from here:

Old versions can be found within the download area.

10 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. Chris


    Do you plan on creating a source rpm or a spec file for the 2.0 release so I can build this against our Rhel images?


  2. Tim Stieger

    Unfortunately, in the new Nagios Plugins 2.0.1, there is an error with Reverse Lookups:

    ./check_dns -s {dnsserver} -H {hostip}
    DNS OK: 0,012 seconds response time. {hostip} returns |time=0,011751s;;;0,000000

    * First, Plugin tells that {hostip} returns …, but {dnsserver} returns this!!!
    * Second, Plugin returns empty string for reverse lookups!!!

    Error in Monitoring Web View:
    DNS CRITICAL – expected ‘{hostname}.’ but got ”

    Command definition:
    check_dns -s $HOSTADDRESS$ -H $ARG1$ -a $ARG2$ -w 1 -c 2 -t 5

    Command call:

    Control with nslookup:
    nslookup {hostip} {dnsserver}
    Server: {dnsserver}
    Address: {dnsserver}#53
    {reversehostip} name = {hostname}.

    1. Spenser Reinhardt

      Thanks for the note, I will take a look into this. For future reference, submitting an issue on github for things like this are generally quicker to get a resolution.

    1. Spenser Reinhardt

      This is actually a new issue due to added code not altered code. Might I ask what OS and version of perl you are using that does not support ||? Regardless we will take a look into resolving this, thanks for the heads up!

  3. Rhys McWilliams

    There seems to be a few syntax error lines in check_mailq script on lines

    remove the word(s) at the begininng of the line up to the elsif or || and then it runs fine.

  4. Luis Muñiz

    Hi! Same problem (||' instead of or’) here.

    I’m using Ubuntu 12.04 “Precise”. awk' is mawk’ 1.3.3 Nov 1996. `perl’ is v5.14.2. (Both are the latest, standard Ubuntu packages).

    As others previously pointed out, it’s pretty easy to fix the problem; however, I’ve left a patch [] in case anyone needs it.


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