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Stable Release

The current stable Nagios Plugins release is 2.4.9. You can grab the source tarball from here:

See the release history for an overview of changes between earlier versions. Previous releases can be found at our GitHub Releases page. Releases can be found in the download area.


The Nagios::Plugin module is available from CPAN:


The current NagiosMIB tarball is available from here:

Old versions can be found within the download area.

10 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. Chris


    Do you plan on creating a source rpm or a spec file for the 2.0 release so I can build this against our Rhel images?


  2. Tim Stieger

    Unfortunately, in the new Nagios Plugins 2.0.1, there is an error with Reverse Lookups:

    ./check_dns -s {dnsserver} -H {hostip}
    DNS OK: 0,012 seconds response time. {hostip} returns |time=0,011751s;;;0,000000

    * First, Plugin tells that {hostip} returns …, but {dnsserver} returns this!!!
    * Second, Plugin returns empty string for reverse lookups!!!

    Error in Monitoring Web View:
    DNS CRITICAL – expected ‘{hostname}.’ but got ”

    Command definition:
    check_dns -s $HOSTADDRESS$ -H $ARG1$ -a $ARG2$ -w 1 -c 2 -t 5

    Command call:

    Control with nslookup:
    nslookup {hostip} {dnsserver}
    Server: {dnsserver}
    Address: {dnsserver}#53
    {reversehostip} name = {hostname}.

    1. Spenser Reinhardt

      Thanks for the note, I will take a look into this. For future reference, submitting an issue on github for things like this are generally quicker to get a resolution.

    1. Spenser Reinhardt

      This is actually a new issue due to added code not altered code. Might I ask what OS and version of perl you are using that does not support ||? Regardless we will take a look into resolving this, thanks for the heads up!

  3. Rhys McWilliams

    There seems to be a few syntax error lines in check_mailq script on lines

    remove the word(s) at the begininng of the line up to the elsif or || and then it runs fine.

  4. Luis Muñiz

    Hi! Same problem (||' instead of or’) here.

    I’m using Ubuntu 12.04 “Precise”. awk' is mawk’ 1.3.3 Nov 1996. `perl’ is v5.14.2. (Both are the latest, standard Ubuntu packages).

    As others previously pointed out, it’s pretty easy to fix the problem; however, I’ve left a patch [] in case anyone needs it.


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