Nagios check_mrtgtraf Plugin

    check_mrtgtraf v2.3.3.git (nagios-plugins 2.3.3)
    Copyright (c) 1999 Ethan Galstad <>
    Copyright (c) 1999-2014 Nagios Plugin Development Team

    This plugin will check the incoming/outgoing transfer rates of a router,
    switch, etc recorded in an MRTG log.  If the newest log entry is older
    than <expire_minutes>, a WARNING status is returned. If either the
    incoming or outgoing rates exceed the <icl> or <ocl> thresholds (in
    Bytes/sec), a CRITICAL status results.  If either of the rates exceed
    the <iwl> or <owl> thresholds (in Bytes/sec), a WARNING status results.

    Usage check_mrtgtraf -F <log_file> -a <AVG | MAX> -w <warning_pair>
    -c <critical_pair> [-e expire_minutes]

     -h, --help
        Print detailed help screen
     -V, --version
        Print version information
        Read options from an ini file. See
        for usage and examples.
     -F, --filename=STRING
        File to read log from
     -e, --expires=INTEGER
        Minutes after which log expires
     -a, --aggregation=(AVG|MAX)
        Test average or maximum
     -w, --warning
        Warning threshold pair <incoming>,<outgoing>
     -c, --critical
        Critical threshold pair <incoming>,<outgoing>
     -v, --verbose
        Verbose output during plugin runtime
     -i, --interface-maximum
        Define the maximum bandwidth on the port being monitored (Bytes/sec)
        This adds percentages to performance data output

     - MRTG stands for Multi Router Traffic Grapher. It can be downloaded from
     - While MRTG can monitor things other than traffic rates, this
       plugin probably won't work with much else without modification.
     - The calculated i/o rates are a little off from what MRTG actually
       reports.  I'm not sure why this is right now, but will look into it
       for future enhancements of this plugin.

    Send email to if you have questions regarding use
    of this software. To submit patches or suggest improvements, send email to